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This blog is an exploration of how to achieve more sustainable living in the context of a (sub)urban high-income country.

While reducing environmental footprints drastically takes drastic measures, reducing them noticeably takes reasonable efforts that are within reach for most people. But every choice has side effects that are unknown or unpopular, so it takes critical thinking to make sure you are taking steps in the right direction instead of just “playing green” to meet the bar imposed by  marketing and satisfy your ego.

I try to write in bite-sized posts, as in reality, even the simplest decisions can become a rabbit-hole into a complex world .

The posts may get confusing to follow after a while so you can go to Summaries (for example, Electricity Summary) to have a quicker way to navigate the topic and see one-liner tips for things I’m doing that I haven’t written up yet.

I started this blog after some friend saw all I was doing and the efforts I went through to simplify my explanations, and asked me to share the approach with the world. It’s also fun to share things you are passionate about.

Please use the comment bar below to ask anything you want!

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